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    • You Need More Than A Strategic Plan To Be Successful!
      Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Questions is Why? An organization can have a outstanding strategic plan, but if the culture the organization does not support what is written in it, it is "like a tingling bell or clamoring cymbal, signifying nothing". Let me give you an example which shows what happens when there is a disconnect between organizational culture and strategy. So in your strategic plan you have written something like, "when working with our clients, our employees will provide outstanding service". Sounds good, but what happens if the culture of the organization is impeding these employees from providing outstanding service. If strategy is telling them to treat each client like it was their only client but the culture is built to support pushing clients through the process as quickly as possible to maximize profit, then what you done is create a conundrum for the employees that they cannot solve. If they take their time with each client and ensure they have everything they need, but have management pushing them to create faster throughput, then nine times out of ten, the employees are going to follow what management is asking (not what you put in the strategic plan). At Workforce Transformations we believe before you put your very expensive strategic plan on glossy paper and present to your staff, you need to make sure your organizational culture is aligned to support the strategy. Organization's like ours can help you to walk through the strategic plan and analyze the organizational culture to ensure it supports your plan . If you do decide to take this "deep dive" to align it, you will be moving your organization towards even greater success. #success #management #strategy #culture
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